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SoundThread Music Blog's Top 20 Songs of 2017

2017 is coming to a close, and we've been looking back and listening to all the fantastic new music that has graced our ears over the past year. So, we decided to assemble a "Top 20" list of our favorite tracks of 2017. Selecting just 20 tracks was a lot more difficult than initially anticipated - in fact, this could have easily turned into a "Top 50" list of tracks we love to listen to.

We've created an accompanying Spotify playlist (see end of post) to help you easily listen to our Top 20. Have a listen - some of these just might become your favorite songs too!

Without further ado, this is SoundThread Music Blog's Top 20 Tracks of 2017. Enjoy!

  1. MAGGIE SZABO "Don't Give Up" - empowering, positive and uplifting; don't give up!

  2. THE SOUND OF ARROWS "Don't Worry" - a song to remind you that everything's going to be alright.

  3. SILVER TORCHES "If I Reach" - warm, smooth, indie pop perfection.

  4. STOCKHOLM NOIR "Boy Like A Girl" - mysterious and anthemic; a song for anyone who feels that they don't fit in.

  5. EIGHTY NINETY "Your Favorite Song" - some songs can forever link people, places and time. Yet another impressive single from this NYC sibling duo.

  6. JUKE ROSS "Colour Me" - impressive, heartfelt vocals; elegant acoustic presentation.

  7. CAL TRASK "King of Hearts" - poignant and deeply personal; one of the most honest, touching songs we've ever heard.

  8. HAFDIS HULD "Violet" - "coming out on the other side"; letting your true self shine through. Hafdis never disappoints.

  9. HORTLAX COBRA "Bus Stop" - "poor devil, waiting at the bus stop"; infectious and ultra-catchy from PB&J's John Eriksson.

  10. MIDNIGHT DIVIDE "Fireline" - accepting the past can allow you to move on; "I'm trying to learn how to breathe underwater"

  11. BRYDE "Desire" - fierce, yet subtly sweet. One of Bryde's strongest tracks yet.

  12. STEP ROCKETS "Money" - fresh, solid and energized, with a catchy killer chorus from these Minneapolis-based indie rockers.

  13. HENRY BATEMAN "Should I?" - atmospheric and intricate; about the sometimes blurred line between morality and instinct.

  14. MOXI "Figures Bathed In Light" - infectious, driving melody; born out of a near-death car crash experience.

  15. SHANICE GREEN "Something's Got A Hold On Me" - acoustic soul, blues, and folky pop; with soulful, soothing vocals.

  16. AND THE ECHO "Breathe" - delicate, deep, bass-resonating synths; with entrancing melody and vocals.

  17. ZOE DURRANT "Bridge" - gently pulsing and soft electronic soundscape, with Zoe's dreamy, charming vocals.

  18. THOMPSON SPRINGS "Overloadin' My Heart" - honest lyrics; smooth, laid-back, solid indie rock in the style of Kurt Vile.

  19. OLSSON "Hold On" - 90's-influenced, soulful tune, with an infectious chorus that'll make you want to stand up, clap your hands, and sing along.

  20. D. SWICK "Nothing To Say" - "There is nothing to say anymore; I don't want to hear you talk about it"; touching, beautiful melody, strings, and lyrics.

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