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Chey | She's Got You (new single and music video)

Press photo of Chey

London-based and Welsh-born singer-songwriter, Chey, has recently released her impressive power ballad, "She's Got You," with enchanting, heartfelt vocals, and lyrics that speak to the object of one's affection, after having been shunned in favor of another. The lyrics are clever and well-written - some sound like they belong in a classic country song about jilted love (e.g., "Oh this whiskey in my glass just won't do. Because I want what she's got, and she's got you"), but the production and atmosphere of "She's Got You" emanate a cool, spacious atmosphere with gentle bits of electronica and a spotlight on Chey's lovely and well-placed vocals.

In Chey's own words, "'She's Got You' deals with the feelings of loss and rejection, losing someone can be a poignant moment in your life - it can also be the moment where you find your strength.” This touching anthem was co-written with Texas born musician, Tré Nation, and produced by renowned London producer, David Ezra.

The song's breathtaking accompanying video, shot by Manchester-based Videoink in an abandoned cotton mill, adds a rawness and originality to the ambience of "She's Got You" through the visual storytelling of the video.

CHEY "She's Got You" (Official Music Video)

Also, be sure to take a listen to the wonderful, remixed version of the track by David Ezra, which presents an elegantly energized, dancefloor-ready version of this stunning pop anthem.

For more information about Chey, visit her website, follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and find her music on Spotify, SoundCloud and iTunes.

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