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Fauvely | Watch Me Overcomplicate This (debut EP)

Fauvely press photo by Heather Brochu

Watch Me Overcomplicate This is the impressive debut EP from Chicago-based, indie/dreampop band Fauvely, the musical project of singer-songwriter Sophie Leigh. The band consists of additional core members Alice Kraynak (violin, vocals), and Scott Cortez (bass), as well as a rotating cast that includes Chris DePorter, Dale Price, and Alex Burns, who produced, mixed and mastered the EP.

Musically, the six tracks on Watch Me Overcomplicate This are catchy, driving songs with soft, melodic moments and beautiful harmonies, complemented by subtle strings and prominent, slightly distorted, electric guitar. The songs construct a musical atmosphere that rings influences of classic indie pop bands the likes of Lush (think Gala) and Mazzy Star.

As for lyrical inspiration and theme surrounding the EP, Sophie explains: "Watch Me Overcomplicate This was inspired by loneliness, failure, jealousy, self-reflection, and the desire to place certain feelings that I was having a hard time placing. Sometimes this becomes tongue-in-cheek, sometimes I say things I do not mean, sometimes I change my mind. The EP is a place for all of these feelings to coexist."

I was recently introduced to the music of Fauvely when they performed at a Sofar Sounds Chicago event. The performance was outstanding - with the band presenting a strong, melodic and distinctively dreamy sound by adding a bit of reverb/delay on the vocals. The result was unique and lovely: guitar, violin and vocals echoing and swirling around each other - a soundscape that reminded me a bit of early Slowdive (e.g., "In Mind", "Sing", "Shine").


The band is currently writing new music with the intention of making a full-length album, and have a few upcoming performances in the Chicago area.

  • July 9, DZ Fest (Hickory Hills, IL), 12:00-12:30

  • July 14, FEW Distillery Alley Party (Evanston, IL)

  • July 25, Empty Bottle (Chicago, IL)

  • July 28, 20 x 2 = "Twenty Speakers. One Question. Two Minutes Each" at Upstairs Speakeasy at The Virgin Hotel Chicago (guest panel appearance, not a musical performance).

For additional information, tour dates and news about Fauvely, follow them on Facebook, and listen to their music on Bandcamp and Spotify.

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