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Bryde | Less (new single and video)

Bryde photo by Jon Williams

Continuing the rocking, charged musical vibe of Bryde's previous single release, "Honey" (from EP2), comes the brand new single and accompanying video for "Less". Produced by Bill Ryder-Jones, "Less" treats us to another addictive dose of Bryde's passage through the guitar-driven, grunge-like soundscape with the head-banging intensity of a 90's Nirvana hit song. This is excellent songwriting from Bryde (a.k.a., Welsh singer-songwriter Sarah Howells) with her signature vocal style that ranges from sweet, yet edgy, to raw and cathartic in this track's energetic chorus. The song's accompanying video was directed and filmed by Ben A Williams.

BRYDE "Less" (Official Video)

Bryde's Facebook page notes that "Bryde is a girl & an electric guitar singing fierce & fragile songs" - a statement that accurately applies to this latest single. While "Less" clearly represents the "fierce", its b-side "Back to Believing" presents the "fragile" - an emotional ballad that showcases the melodic, delicate songwriting style that is heard on several of Bryde's earlier compositions from EP1 and EP2.

For additional news, music and information, follow Bryde on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and check out her official website. Bryde’s music is available on Bandcamp, Spotify and Apple Music.

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