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Need Machine | New EP from singer-songwriter and filmmaker Nathan Reich

Artwork for Need Machine EP

Singer-songwriter Nathan Reich released his first EP Paper Planes in 2008, followed by the critically-acclaimed, full-length albums Arms Around A Ghost (2009) and All Night Pharmacy (2013). His recent music and creative endeavors have now gone under the name Need Machine, and this self-titled, four-track EP is Need Machine's first official release.

The upbeat "Emergency" is the lead track and is driven by the pulsating, steadily strummed bass strings of Nathan's electric guitar. This is serious hit material - catchy, melodic and almost dance-able. This is one of those songs that sounds so familiar, fun and warm after only a single listen. The short, simple, clever chorus ("I just want to be your 'In Case of Emergency'") with Nathan's smooth, soothing voice leads us out of this outstanding song and into the remaining, more low-key songs on the EP. "Perfect Teeth" and "My Only Drug" are slow, pretty and showcase the touching, emotional lyrics that are lifted by the beautiful melodies and soft, sentimental finger playing style of Nathan's acoustic guitar. The songwriting across all the songs is excellent, the style is solid acoustic and contemporary folk, with Nathans's voice and delivery evoking hints of artists like Sufjan Stevens, Mark Kozelek (Red House Painters, Sun Kil Moon) and Snow Patrol.

In addition to his musical creativity and genius, Nathan recently completed a graduate program at The New School for Documentary Media Studies, and made his debut as a filmmaker with "Heavy Fog Tonight", his first short documentary that was selected for screening at DOC NYC, Slamdance Film Festival and Big Sky Documentary Film Festival.

I first discovered Nathan's music while listening to a Spotify playlist of acoustic music and immediately fell in love with his music. I'll leave you all with one of my favorite songs ("Sweet Isolation") from 2013's All Night Pharmacy. This simple and beautiful live outdoor performance provides an excellent, intimate glimpse into the beauty of Nathan's songwriting and his genuine, simple yet magical performance style.

NATHAN REICH "Sweet Isolation":

For more information and news about Nathan Reich and Need Machine, check out his official website, and Facebook and Bandcamp. Listen on Spotify, Amazon and Apple Music.

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