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Anna Pancaldi | Q&A about her new single and forthcoming EP

Anna Pancaldi "Keep On Keeping On" single artwork and press photo

We are already in love with Anna Pancaldi's previous EP releases ("Dear Joey," and "Black Tears") and are beyond excited about this talented, unsigned, London-based singer-songwriter's new single release on October 10. "Keep On Keeping On", produced by James Kenosha (Rhodes, Gavin James), is the name of the song, and is taken from Anna's forthcoming EP which is scheduled for release in early 2017. SoundThread had an early listen to the song and we can tell you that it sounds absolutely amazing! Anna's voice is as strong and emotive as ever, and the production adds background vocals and strings that result in a beautifully balanced song. To celebrate the release of the new single, an official launch event is being held at St Leonard's Church in Shoreditch, London on October 12.

SoundThread was able to catch up with Anna and pose a few questions about the new single, her upcoming EP, live performances, and her own brand of "Dear Joey," Elderfower-infused gin.

SoundThread: Congratulations on your upcoming single release (October 10) and your official launch party on October 12 in London! What can you tell us about the new EP?

Anna: The new EP, I couldn't be more excited about. As a singer-songwriter or any creative, for that matter, I think you always worry if you're ever going to write a good song again under the pressure. But this EP has turned out to be the most proud I have been of anything I've ever made. A very special moment for me, seeing as I am a ruthless self-critic! It's got more guts and somehow my voice seems to have gotten lower and there's a surprise last track that people won't be expecting!

ST: On your Facebook page, we have read that you'll be accompanied by strings, piano and backing vocals at your launch event. Is the production of the songs on your new EP different or perhaps more layered than your two prior releases?

Anna: Yes, strings, that is something I am very excited about! It has definitely developed since the last two, I am learning and maturing and so my music is too. A bigger sound than before and a natural evolution which brings me much joy!

ST: In the notes accompanying your recent "Dear Joey," EP, you tell us you want to name and dedicate your next EP's to your siblings. In the liner notes of "Black Tears", you thank big brother Joe and little sister Charity. Is it safe to assume that your new EP is dedicated to Charity?

Anna: It is indeed, just not called 'Dear Charity,'. I am only releasing my single 'Keep On Keeping On' on October 10, so will have to wait for the whole EP, until early next year, March.

ST: "Keep On Keeping On" is the brand new single and we've read that you traveled to Paris to film an accompanying video for the song. Is there any particular motivation for recording the music video in Paris? Do you speak any French?

Anna: My videographer (Rhys Davies) now lives there and loved the idea of going somewhere new, I am just travelling back to London after filming and can't wait for you all to see it! It was very special. I can't speak French sadly, boo!

KEEP ON KEEPING ON (Official Video):

ST: What can you tell us about the various "house gigs" at which you perform in and around London?

Anna: I love house concerts. It's an excuse to tour twice, one in venues and one in houses. Playing live is where I am at my absolute happiest! I also love the intimacy of them and playing unplugged.

ST: Do you have any plans to tour or perform in the U.S. (e.g., promoting your new EP)? Fans really enjoyed your performances in NYC, Nashville and Los Angeles this past summer!

Anna: Thank you, yes, I sincerely hope so, that tour was one I'll never forget! So very special!!

ST: What about that Elderflower Gin of yours? We've read that the recipe originated with your brother Joe. Stateside fans are curious if we might ever get a taste on this side of the Atlantic - we do like our gin here too.

Anna: I love gin! My brother used to make us elderflower cordial as kids, so I wanted to tie that in and it really is delicious, hope to have it Stateside too at some point, I need to collaborate with a distillery there! It's made by a boutique gin company up north whose gin is sold at the likes of Harvey Nichols and Selfridges, so not made in my bath! DO not fear!

"Keep On Keeping On" is available from October 10 on Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. Artwork for the new single is courtesy of Leigh Tuckniss and photo credits for the lovely photo of Anna by Jake Milligan.

For additional news and info about Anna Pancaldi, check out her website, follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat for the latest news, and view all her recent videos on YouTube.

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